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Client Testimonials

  • Mr. Harshavardhan Neotia “With SAP and Highbar we started the project with an audacious dream, part of which has been realized and our journey to excel continues. ”

    Mr. Harshavardhan Neotia
    Ambuja Neotia Group
  • Mr. Bijaykumar Agarwal “ With the help of Highbar's industry expertise and technical knowledge, we implemented SAP ERP & SAP CRM to standardize our real estate industry processes across 17 group companies. Our core IT team was then able to deploy the applications at our remaining 17 companies. ”

    Mr. Bijaykumar Agarwal
    Managing Director
    Salarpuria Sattva
  • Mrunalbhai Patel “ Our partner Highbar Technologies understands the issues of the construction industry and possible ways to handle them in SAP ”

    Mrunalbhai Patel ,
    Joint Managing Director- Montecarlo Construction Ltd
  • Pratish Devadoss “ The implementation at VGN Group done by Highbar is customized to our needs. It included improvements in tendering process, purchase requisition approval process & effective CRM. Highbar Technologies has been able to grab our mind share with their strong leadership and delivery capabilities.”

    Pratish Devadoss
    Managing Director, VGN Developers Pvt Ltd
  • Mr. Jose Manual Noronha “ It’s a proud moment for us as we are the only government department to go paperless after the Legislative assembly of Goa. This initiative is a major leap towards our commitment of making the board more accountable & approachable for the residents of Goa. By discarding the paper-based system we are also doing our part in saving trees from being cut as unnecessary paper use leads to wastage. We are thankful to team Highbar Technologies for their extensive support & handholding to make this dream project come live. ”

    Mr. Jose Manual Noronha
  • Vikram Sharma “ For selecting ERP product and implementation partner we did our due diligence and found Highbar being way ahead of its peers. We were impressed with the kind of knowledge & the insights that Highbar has in terms of systems & processes and working of infrastructure company. The most important characteristic we appreciate about Highbar is their ability to gel with our organization, which is extremely important for making this kind of initiative successful in an infrastructure company. It was more of a relationship in terms of understanding requirements rather than fulfilling the role. ”

    Vikram Sharma ,
    Managing Director, Supreme Infrastructure Limited
    Supreme Infrastructure Limited
  • Nayan Shah “ We are very happy working with Highbar Technologies. We are getting excellent service. The team is high quality contributor and gets at people level to sort out the problems ”

    Nayan Shah,
    President - Operations Neptune Group
  • Ashok Kumar “ The software ‘Mobile Complaint Response System’ is definitely a milestone in community policing. On behalf of entire Kullu Police, I thank you for extending helping hand, otherwise it couldn't have been possible. I wish you a bright future. ”
    Ashok Kumar,
    IPS - Superintendent of Police, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh
    Superintendent of Police, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh
  • Mr. Levnson J. Martins “ Pollution control board receives lots of papers, requests generating huge documentation & data. To manage this we thought of having sustainable workflow platform & ERP. We are working for people, industries & commercial establishments so the interface between GSPCB & them will be improved with this initiative. ”

    Mr. Levnson J. Martins
    Member Secretary
  • Mahesh Mudda“ We zeroed it down to Highbar because they understand our industry. They have implemented whole system within their own organization HCC. So they have gone through the whole process of implementation.”

    Mahesh Mudda,
    Executive Director & CEO, NCCCIL &
    HON. GEN. TREASURER, Builders’ Asso. Of India

  • Peter Gartenberg “ Combining the power of SAP ERP with Highbar’s expertise and offering the industry the option of a cloud model is the right move forward. SAP is pleased to extend full support and strengthen our association with Highbar Technologies. ”

    Peter Gartenberg ,
    Managing Director, SAP India
  • Mr. Sanjeev Joglekar “ File Life Cycle Management is an very important tool for state pollution control board and may be for any government organisation going for SAP implementation. In addition to Finance, accounting & other modules of HR which are also good for us. ”

    Mr. Sanjeev Joglekar
    Environmental Engineer
  • Mr. Hariharan Subramanian “ Salarpuria Sattva streamlined it’s operations with SAP and Highbar Technologies. We were able to standardize processes in tandem with real estate SOP across the organisation. The integrated system has facilitated in agile generation of reports facilitating insights and efficient and effective decision making by the management team. The system also effects all facets of the business facilitating both vendors and customers via availability of information at all times. ”

    Mr. Hariharan Subramanian
    Head Information Technology
    Salarpuria Sattva
  • Stuart Aitken “ SAP CRM is a useful tool for gathering data in a centralized location & helping produce both historical & forward- looking reports. It helps with planning for sales order budgets as well as prioritizing and focusing sales efforts. This support has enabled us to review a larger bid pipeline, focus our efforts, and improve our win-to-loss ratio ”

    Mr. Stuart Aitken,
    Chief Business Development Officer, HCC E&C
  • Srikanth V S “ Highbar has shown good Industry knowledge, technical know-how and expertise in project management. Effective project monitoring has enabled us to achieve the project roll outs on schedule. We look forward for the long term relationship with Highbar. ”

    Srikanth V S,
    Head IT & Systems, Brigade Group
  • Subhod K Prasad “ I am glad to say that Highbar Technologies have shown its commitment of highest level throughout the implementation which has resulted in timely completion of the project with desired quality ”
    Subhod K Prasad
    General Manager - IT Oriental Structural Engineers
  • Jaya Verma “ Highbar Technologies provided SAP solution specific to our business needs unifying the group companies on single IT platform. Throughout their engagement they demonstrated deep domain expertise, proven delivery capabilities & were very supportive & flexible. We wish Highbar all the best for their future endeavors. ”

    Jaya Verma
    AVP-IT, GPT Infraprojects Limited
    GPT group
  • C.R. Narayanan “ Highbar team has reinforced our faith in them through good work ethics, competent project management and hard working team. I wish Highbar all the best and will be keen to see them taking their experience and excelling in other verticals like manufacturing .”

    C.R. Narayanan,
    CIO, Tulip Telecom
  • Prakash Prajapat“ It was a wonderful experience of qualitative and competitive sharing of information while working with Highbar. Highbar had worked extensively and exclusively with number of Infrastructure companies and has evolved best practices of SAP implementation in the industry We appreciate very much the co-operation and adaptability to our requirements and personal suggestivity throughout the implementation of the project phase and even beyond that. We wish all the best for the Company in each of their endeavourers ”

    Prakash Prajapat,
    Company Secretary, Varaha Infra Limited
    Varaha Infra Limited
  • Umesh Bagul “ We selected Highbar Technologies as implementation partner for SAP ERP and CRM because of their strong real estate industry experience. Highbar has proven delivery capabilities in the infrastructure industry. We wish Highbar all the best in their future endeavors ”

    Umesh Bagul,
    GM- ERP and Systems, Rustomjee Group.
  • Pratibha Group “ We selected Highbar as SAP implementation partner due to their infrastructure industry understanding and IT expertise. Highbar's approach to SAP implementation is oriented towards business transformation, thus ensuring alignment of our processes to industry best practices ”

    Pratibha Group,
    Pratibha Group
  • N.K. Mullick “ I really thank Highbar Technologies Team who worked really hard with us. Although there were so many challenges, they remain very cool throughout the project. I thank all of you for this. ”

    N.K. Mullick,
    Sr. General Manager - Audit & Finance
    during Go-live at Lloyds Insulations ( Pvt) Ltd

  • Sundip Parikh “ Highbar management is very supportive, flexible & have domain expertise. They understood our problems & ensured our satisfaction. Their goal is always whatever happens, the project has to be successful. ”

    Sundip Parikh ,
    IT Head, DB Realty,
    During SAP Run Better Event at Indore March 2012
  • Manoj Mehta “ Right from the day of association with Highbar Technologies, it has been a confidence booster. Highbar’s time to time help in resolving issues has helped us in bringing up the optimization level of SAP system ”

    Manoj P. Mehta,
    HOD - EDP Dept. Rohan Builders (India) Pvt.Ltd
    Rohan Builders
  • Anindya Mitra “ We have been very happy with Highbar Technologies. We know their quality. Apart from their knowhow derived from parent company HCC, their real estate specific templates in SAP are well researched and developed. Highbar was principal reason to go for SAP. ”

    Anindya Mitra,
    CFO, Neptune Group ,
    During SAP Run Better Conference at Bangalore
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  • Pravin Soman “ We chose Highbar Technologies as a SAP training partner based on their past experience, depth of knowledge and commitment towards closure orientation ”

    Pravin Soman,
    Head of Database Group,
    Quality Kiosk Technologies Pvt Ltd


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