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The infrastructure sector is poised to have an exponential growth in the near future. In India, the Government of India (GOI) has initiated ambitious infrastructure program focusing on growth. It has allocated USD 490 Billion in the 11th five year plan for the infrastructure sector. Availability of funding from multiple agencies, innovative modes of funding and increased private participation, are some of the factors driving the growth of infrastructure industry in the country. Information Technology (IT) is going to play an important role in the infrastructure development and e-governance initiatives for India. Being part of the infrastructure industry we realize there is a serious gap prevailing between IT and Infrastructure industries because of lack of domain knowledge among the existing IT players. We believe, Highbar Technocrat with its domain knowledge and IT expertise can bridge this gap.

We, at Highbar Technocrat aim to be an end-to-end IT solutions provider to the public sector Infrastructure requirements viz. Roads, Ports, Real-Estate, Airports, Railways, Irrigation & Water supply, Urban Infrastructure and Industrial Infrastructure (telecom, mining). We cater to the IT needs related to infrastructure sector for range of government bodies such as Central government, State government, local self-government bodies like municipal corporations as well as international agencies.

Business value
We cater to all infrastructure related IT requirements of government bodies through a judicious mix of internal competency development and strategic alliances with leading global IT industry partners. The business value we provide to our government clients are,
  • We treat an IT deployment as business transformation initiative rather than technology initiative, enabling government agencies to extract maximum business value for their investments
  • Better monitoring and control enabling improved operational efficiency
  • With our domain experts experienced to work on government projects, we understand the requirements and can cater to the needs of our clients in better manner

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