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SAP Business Transformation Study | Apr 12, 2013
SAP BTS: Brigade Group
Brigade Group: Rapidly Achieving Uniform Operations Across Group Companies with SAP® ERP

Construction World | Apr 29, 2011
Customer Relationship Management.
The Real Estate sector is growing rapidly. Forward thinking companies within the sector are looking to create a competitive advantage through differentiators such as better management & servicing of customers. Strategic Technologies such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools can play an important role in this. This article discusses the role CRM can play in real estate & its benefits.

CSI Communications | Apr 26, 2011
Managing Technology!
“Not only CIO but entire IT team needs to have much greater business orientation in order to be more effective contributor” -Interview with Mr. Satish Pendse, President Highbar Technologies.

Construction World | Mar 31, 2011
Get IT Right!
Construction equipment is a critical resource in construction project. Highbar Technologies President, Mr. Satish Pendse writes on ways to manage construction equipment intelligently with Information Technology (IT)..

searchCIO.in | Mar 07, 2011
SAP upgrade: 6 factors to consider
Most Indian companies continue to use the earlier versions of SAP but new taxation & accounting laws are forcing them to opt for SAP upgrades. This article gives insights on 6 important factors to be considered before making SAP upgrade.

Construction World | Jan 28, 2011
IT to the Rescue.
With the infrastructure industry booming exponentially, the forthcoming decade promises to be one of great opportunities. On the flipside, however, the serious lack of skilled human resources could pose a serious problem. In fact, HR is expected to top the list of challenges faced by leading infrastructure companies in the forthcoming decade.

Construction World | Nov 15, 2010
IT at its Best!
The way infrastructure like roads, bridges, ports, airports facilitate growth of the country, in the same way IT backbone facilitates growth of the business and makes it scalable & sustainable. Only sky is the limit to leverage the potential of information technology to make the business more competitive.

Construction Week | Apr 22, 2010
Being forewarned means being well prepared
IT can play an important role in making early warning systems human-independent, effective and accurate which can be crucial for infrastructure industry.

Construction Week | Mar 24, 2010
Managing Construction Equipment intelligently
Visibility of equipment across organisation helps in optimal allocation of equipment across projects.

Construction Week | Feb 16, 2010
Knowledge empowerment of employees
Construction industry is heavily dependent on experiences and insights of the people. IT can be used as effective tool for managing and enhancing knowledge of employees.

Construction Week | Nov 24, 2009
Improved efficiency through Supplier Portal
Supplier portal can be a very effective tool for addressing the various challenges with regard to relationship with the supplier/ sub-contractor ecosystem.

Construction Week | Oct 02, 2009
Keeping track with GPS
Logistics plays a critical role in the success of construction projects. GPS based IT solutions play important role in addressing logistics challenges in construction industry.

Construction Week | Aug 24, 2009
Estimation and tendering
For any project oriented industry, estimation is one of the core processes. Given the time crunch, it is imperative that companies do not miss the tender opportunities without compromising on the accuracy of the estimate. IT can play an important role in

Construction Week | Jun 25, 2009
Paper world vanquished - Document Management System
Construction industry is not only capital intensive, but it is also document intensive. Document Management Software (DMS) help in digital storage of documents enabling effective document management

Construction Week | May 01, 2009
Raising the bar - Reinforced steel optimization
Better management of reinforcement steel is possible with the use of software called Rebar which provides wastage reduction of 1-2% of total reinforcement used at the project.

Construction Week | Mar 01, 2009
New age advantage - Benefits of ERP for construction industry
Satish Pendse, CIO of Hindustan Construction Company Ltd discusses the importance of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) from the construction industry's perspective.

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