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Case Studies

SAP ERP Implementation Case Studies:

KazStroyService Group: Streamlining and Consolidating Business Processes with SAP® Solutions
When it comes to construction and logistics for oil and gas and other industries, KazStroyService Group (KSS) is a world-class leader. But with operations in Kazakhstan, India, and Turkmenistan and plans to expand to roads, power plants, and ports, the company needed a single IT platform to consolidate and streamline crucial business processes. With the SAP® ERP application and SAP Business Objects™ business intelligence solutions, projects, logistics, and finance are integrated across the group. The result is greater productivity and lower costs.
Download KazStroyService Group Case Study..

Oriental Structural Engineers: Building a Platform for Growth with an SAP-Qualified Rapid-Deployment Solution
Starting as a local contractor in northern India, Oriental Structural Engineers (OSE) has been building and marks across the country for over 40 years. In order to sustain growth, the company needed to quickly install an IT system that could provide the same solid foundation as one of its roads or bridges. With SAP and implementation partner Highbar Technologies, operations at OSE are running up to 70% faster.
Download Oriental Structural Engineers Case Study..

Montecarlo Constructions Ltd: Transforming the business through process reengineering.
Montecarlo Construction Limited, a major Indian large scale construction firm, found growth impeded by legacy software. The firm deployed an SAP® Business All-in-One solution for the engineering, construction and operations industry, reengineering its business processes. Montecarlo now has integrated business function and a single source of reliable data resulting in better-informed decisions, shorter period closings, and improved operations.
Download Montecarlo Construction Ltd Case Study...

HCC (Hindustan Construction Company): Constructing an efficient budgeting process.
Hindustan Construction Co. Ltd. (HCC) is an 80-year-old organization with a track record in executing complex infrastructure projects across various sectors. HCC has undertaken challenging projects across India in widely divergent areas such as power, roads and bridges, dams, buildings, and environmental projects. With a growing need for quantity-based budgeting, HCC developed an estimation and budgeting tool based on the SAP® ERP application to suit the requirements of the construction industry.
Download Hindustan Construction Company Case Study...

Neptune Group: IT Success Story
Why world-class ERP is important from early stage and what can be the drivers for young and growing construction organizations to implement it.
Download Neptune Group Case Study
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JSW Severfield Structures Limited Case Study
Efficiency improvement: Supporting scalable enterprise.
Download JSW Severfield Structures Limited case Study ...

Lloyd Insulations Case Study
Efficiency Through consolidation of operations.
Download Lloyd Insulations Case Study...

Pratibha Group Case Study
Effective Project Management Through Real Time Data Accuracy.
Download Pratibha Group Case Study...

SAP CRM Implementation Case Study:

HCC SAP CRM Case Study
Award winning 1st Comprehensive SAP CRM Implementation In Construction Industry.
Download HCC SAP CRM Case Study...

Line of Business Solutions Case Studies:

Tata Projects Limited Case Study
Cost Reduction Through Optimization of Reinforcement Steel Bar.

Patel Engineering Case Study
Cost Reduction Through Optimization of Reinforcement Steel Bar.

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