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Business Process Consulting


The infrastructure industry is changing radically. In coming years, the available human resources and the related processes are going to be a major bottleneck. Also, for the management the number of projects they will be handling in future will be in exponential proportion to what they are managing today. To tackle this, companies need standard scalable processes and end-to-end visibility across business.

Furthermore the fast changing business conditions and cutting edge competition is forcing the industry to improve efficiencies across the value chain while reducing the costs and cycle time. Also, need for improved governance and transparency in operations is essential for increasing investor confidence for meeting funding needs.

Solutions and Benefits

Our infrastructure domain experience coupled with IT expertise enables us to benchmark client’s existing business processes to industry best practices and help our clients to optimize their business processes. We ensure better user adoption to IT initiatives through our tried and tested data discipline mechanism. We also help our clients to determine the business value of IT initiatives, which helps in determining the effectiveness of the IT initiatives. Our key solutions include,

Process improvisation consulting:
  • Analysis of the system to identify issues and opportunities for future improvement
  • Strategies to address the findings of the analysis and the translation of those strategies into an executable plan
  • Recommendations for effective use of IT within the organization and extracting desired business value from IT initiative

Business value extraction:
  • We help clients to determine the business value of their IT initiatives
  • We understand the client requirements and help them decide the business goals from their IT initiatives and measure them against industry benchmark
  • This helps companies to determine the ROI on their IT investments and in better utilization of IT

Data discipline mechanism:
  • We have well defined processes to ensure quality of data
  • We have set up mechanisms for timely review of data which includes timely updation of data and removal of redundant data – resulting in accurate real-time data
  • This results in efficient IT systems and higher user adoption

Download Improving Efficiencies for Infrastructure Industry

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