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Get Infrastructure Industry Best Practices pay-as-you-use:

Highbar Technocrat has developed 1st of its kind solution- Highbar CloudConnect- providing SAP ERP on pay-per-user-per-month model for Infrastructure, Real Estate and RMC industries.

Highbar CloudConnect is a pre-configured SAP certified solution designed to address critical challenges of Infrastructure organizations and is flexible, scalable to suit organization specific requirements, thus ensuring:
  • Quicker Return on Investment
  • Predictable implementation with minimum Risk
  • Fully operational business on SAP platform in matter of months
  • Minimum disruption to business stakeholders
  • Considerable cut down in implementation cycle-time

Key Business Processes covered by Highbar CloudConnect:
  • Infrastructure: Project planning and execution, procurement and sub-contracting, project billing, equipment procurement, utilization and maintenance, document controlling etc.
  • Real Estate: All Project planning and execution, procurement and sub-contracting, project billing, equipment procurement, utilization and maintenance, document controlling and Real estate specific processes such as land acquisition monitoring, Sales, Leasing, post-sales handling etc.
  • RMC: Production Planning & Processing, Procurement, Production Order Processing & Delivery, Quality Management, Equipment Maintenance, Sales and billing.
  • In addition to above industry specific processes, corporate functions such as accounting, finance, HR and payroll, costing are also addressed by the solution

Key Business Benefits
Key business benefits of SAP ERP:

  • End-to-end visibility
  • One set of figures
  • Better controls, alerts, exception reporting
  • Reduced top management mindshare required in day-to-day operations
  • Much better project management (costs, time and quality)
  • Reduction in costs (reducing inventory costs, procurement costs, improving equipment productivity and utilization etc.) and wastages
  • Reducing process cycle-time
  • Facilitate rapid business growth
  • Human resources scarcity
  • Governance -> Funding needs

Key Business Benefits of SAP ERP on Cloud:
  • Substantial reduction in upfront investments - pay per user per month
  • Rapid start - templatized
  • Access to global best practices
  • No need for own SAP manpower for ongoing support
  • De-risking
  • Level playing field for SMEs Segment
  • Best suited for JV's (limited life span)

Key features of Highbar CloudConnect:
  • Solution for Infrastructure Industry by Infrastructure Industry from Infrastructure Industry: With the industry knowledge, Highbar has developed infrastructure industry templates based on the best practices of infrastructure industry. These provide the customers access to best practice level of business process enabled by IT. This also reduces mindshare and timeshare of the customer, while reducing the implementation time and TCO
  • High level of data security: For datacenter Highbar has selected the highest available level of security by going for India's only Tier 4 datacenter. Tier 4 is designed to host mission critical servers and computer systems, with fully redundant subsystems (cooling, power, network links, storage etc) and compartmentalized security zones controlled by biometric access controls methods.
  • Support by SAP: Highbar is the only partner for SAP ERP on Cloud in EC&O industry. SAP will provide the licenses on pay per user per month basis and all the support for the success of this initiative. After stringent process, SAP has qualified the solutions for all these industries known as Highbar RAPIDSTART. Highbar is now making the same solution available on cloud and is called as Highbar CloudConnect SAP has gone through stringent checks and has got convinced that Highbar is equipped to service customer satisfactorily after acquiring customer

Download Highbar CloudConnect for Infrastructure Industry Brochure
Download Highbar CloudConnect for Real Estate Industry Brochure
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