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Highbar is a leading end-to-end Information Technology (IT) solutions provider for the infrastructure industry. The company’s portfolio of enterprise business solutions, line of business IT solutions and process consulting is aimed at increasing efficiencies for the infrastructure industry. Highbar has demonstrated expertise in the private, public and government sectors covering roads, ports, real estate, airports, railways, irrigation, water supply, as well as urban and industrial infrastructure like telecom, manufacturing and mining sectors.

Highbar’s depth of understanding of the infrastructure and construction domain comes from its legacy of implementing ERP and various other business IT solutions to make HCC the first Indian infrastructure company to connect all its project locations on uniform IT and SAP ERP platform.

With this experience, Highbar has blended the legacy of domain knowledge in the infrastructure business with IT, with a team that is well equipped to understand and relate with the requirements of the sector.

Highbar has a culture of treating  IT deployment in our client organizations as “business transformation” initiatives focused on delivering business benefits to the client.

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Highbar Technocrat Limited is now appraised at CMMI LEVEL 5

IT Solutions & Services provider for Infrastructure - Highbar Technocrat
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To transform businesses through path breaking solutions.

Global Presence

Highbar Technocrat has clientele spread across India, Middle East, Africa and Europe.



Highbar’s infrastructure domain experience coupled with IT expertise and strategic alliances enables it to provide end-to-end IT solutions and SAP ERP implementations for the organizations in the infrastructure industry. Highbar’s core expertise is augmented by a strong network of partners with a common goal of providing maximum business value to clients. Highbar has expertise in integrating strengths of products from different alliance partners, to create powerful solutions that address specific business requirements of clients.

Some of our key alliances are:

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Highbar Technocrat Limited is a member of premium industry associations and follows best practices in technology implementation for construction, infrastructure real estate and manufacturing sector

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To discuss how Highbar can deliver productivity & efficiency benefits to your organization


Highbar has demonstrated strengths from standard ERP implementation, maintenance, support, audit and training services to integrating complex 5-Dimensional Project Management systems on mega projects. This unique blend of technology expertise and domain experience was built over the years on the following pillars of strength: