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Out of all the industries, there is no doubt that the construction industry is always on deadline. However, factors like backward construction management, low management efficiency, lack of expert knowledge on delivery of projects, poor timing etc., could act as a roadblock in delivering quality to the clients.

One and the foremost reason that helps construction firms get an advantage is to complete their projects with sustainability, on time, and providing good quality of work. Today India has one of the largest real estate sectors, with some very rapid changes occurring now and then. Hence, the usage of technologies such as BIM in the entire world has become famous

BIM – Building Information Modelling is now wholly transforming how the whole work process gets managed and proceeded in the construction industry. With the help of BIM, professionals can primarily benefit from the same by improving their budget analysis and cost estimations

5D BIM is the 5 – dimensional visualization of the project, consisting of cost considerations and budgetary, tied up with the project. 3D primarily deals with the 3-dimensional depiction, consisting of design and geometrical parameters. 5D BIM allows the stakeholders to understand, analyse, discover, and record all the impacts on the project cost.

5D helps the contractors visualize the risk at a very early age and improve the entire decision-making process for the project’s overall success.


 Challenges in the Mega Construction Projects:

 Cost Overrun: As the name suggests, the size of the mega projects is massive. Hence it is evident that the cost of these projects will also sky rocketing. But with such a big project, managing the cost becomes one of the biggest bottlenecks . The majority of the time, this leads to overrunning of the costs, which disrupts the project’s entire budget.

Time Overrun: Cost overrun is indeed one of the biggest problems of the mega project, but there is . Since the scale of these projects is vast, they also end up running over time and delaying their schedule. In the construction industry, where the clients have spent a considerable sum of money, delay in projects portrays a terrible image.

Quality Adherence:  Quality is indeed one of the foremost things which one should focus on, but when the project is significant,


 5D BIM Implementation – Benefits:

 When contractors start investing both their time and energy towards the Implementation of 5D BIM, there are plenty of advantages attached to it allows linkage of the 3D models to costing and budgetary heads in real-time, which simplifies the decision-making process and speed, making the BIM model very accurate.


 Primary Benefits of 5D BIM Implementation are as follows:

Accurate Cost Estimation & Forecasting:

 With the help of 5D BIM implementations, it helps the contractors create accurate estimates for the cost. Additionally helping in accurately identifying the building components from the 3D models. This helps the project stakeholders develop reliable cost estimates from the beginning for the entire project. When the estimation for the cost is done correctly, there are fewer chances of losses or risks happening.


Detailed Quantity Take-Offs:

As per the industry surveys, estimators spend a lot of time theirs to create quantity take-offs. But the 5D Implementation helps in providing space for automation for take-offs. This eventually helps in saving time on the BOQ generation and eliminates any chances of errors due to any manual reasons. When the process for the BOQ model gets automated, the estimators can spend their saved time on some very critical aspects, such as the generation of pricing models or assessing financial risks.


Faster Decision-Making Process

When the process for cost estimation and budgeting is super quick, it becomes straightforward for the architects and the other key decision-makers to build on better decisions quickly. Be it the owner, contractor or the sub-owner, the decision is very transparent, which boosts the speed for the completion of project development.


 Asset Information Management:

 Asset tagging with the models, track assets and sub-assets, which can be further used during the operation & maintenance phase. Have additional information, Dimension, Coordinates, Volume etc. The information is further utilized for processing. Common platform for design/drawing, transmittal, review, approval. Cost dimension (5D) added to Intelligent 3D model – SAP integration, monitor actual vs. estimated cost and simulate actual progress with cost.


BOQ & BOM – What is it, and How Is BIM improving general practices

 Both BOQ and BOM act as great support to the project planners and contractors in understanding the inventory requirements associated with the project. Both BOQ and BOM go hand-in-hand, which enhances the overall planning process. It also reduces all the chances of errors or any shortage of inventory during the project’s progress, which might act as a hindrance.

5D Implementation can help in bringing out unprecedented efficiencies to the overall project lifecycle, which also helps solve issues related to budget and cost at a much later stage. The project process can be very successful with the Implementation of 5D.


By Highbar Technocrat Limited

 With all-new integrated 5D BIM & ERP for metro projects, there will be better project management through 5D BIM. It will also become easier to portray the real metro virtually, backed up by solid technology. Usage of Collaborative platform for managing engineering design & drawings. The platform will be used across the ecosystem, DDC, GC, Contractor etc.

Overall, Highbar Will leave no stone unturned in providing IT solutions that are combined with the project management practices with the highest level of visibility and security. offers end-to-end IT solutions. It has its portfolio spread over different areas such as line of business IT solutions, enterprise business solutions, process consulting, IT infrastructure and other services which aim at increasing the infrastructure industry’s efficiencies.


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