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Contracts Communication Document Management System

Construction projects are usually challenged with large volumes of paperwork involving multiple stakeholders, multiple transactions and related contracts.

Keeping track of the contract documents, important terms and conditions, timelines, payment schedules etc is a HUGE task. Loss / destruction / damage of any of these documents could lead to significant business risks. There is a high possibility for loss of paperwork leading to several issues in the natural flow of business, delayed decision making, loss of business opportunities, penalties, loss of claims against delay by clients and more.

Highbar Technocrat Limited offers a solution specifically for the construction sector to manage these contracts with technology leverage. The solution – DocLife – helps your organization manage contract document related risks

      Need For Contract Communication Document Management :

  • No mechanism to track timeliness & compliance of to & fro client communications
  • Scattered way of contractual documentation across projects
  • Manage & retrieve Client correspondence across various projects
  • Outward letters formats not standardized as per guidelines
  • Unorganized review and approval system for client communication
  • Difficulty to retrieve documents for particular event/subject for claims submission
  • Manual tracking of document. Missing important communications with client
  • Availability or frequent change of skilled resources at Project site for critical communication

       Key Features :

  • Standardized letter formats for Outward communication
  • Centralized document storage
  • Flexibility to define and change folder structure
  • Configurable approval workflow for Outward communication
  • Configurable alert mechanism for Inward communication received
  • Project specific document access control
  • Escalation mechanism for pending approvals
  • Escalation mechanism for Un-replied incoming communications of clients

System Architecture :

DocLife Contract Communication Document Management system

Benefits to organization :

  • Critical contractual communication are managed in system
  • Central repository of all contractual communication
  • Person specific dependency is reduced
  • Tracking of correspondence made easier
  • Contractual SLA for communications are not missed
  • Ready availability of all critical documents for Claims/EOT
  • Dashboards to take timely action
  • Mitigating the risk of miscommunication of important correspondence
  • Authorized control of contract document
  • Reduction in time leading to faster response to client
  • Dependency of high skillset resource is reduced
  • Reduction in manpower as multiple projects can be managed by single resource

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