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How is IoT Transforming Infrastructure and Construction Industry

By making operations more data reliant, IoT is undeniably modernizing the infrastructure industry. It delivers greater transparency and manages to acquire a greater foothold over the project and its assets resulting in substantial cost efficiency. Heavy asset management, accurate data analytics, and advanced asset tracking are enough to refurbish the industry with meaningful information.


Alerts received from Highbar’s IoT solution on your mobile device.


Speed Alerts
Alert received when the vehicle or equipment crosses the predefined speed limit

Geofencing Alerts
Geofencing alerts are received anytime an equipment/vehicle enters or leaves the project site


Working and Idle Hours report
Reports generated from computing the working hours and idle hours of the equipment/vehicle.


Maintenance Alerts
Alerts about the maintenance of an equipment/vehicle to avoid facing downtime.


Temperature, Fuel, and Ignition Alerts
Real-time alerts about the temperate, fuel consumption and the ignition switched On and OFF situations


The aforementioned features facilitate productivity, enhance upkeep, and ensure the safety
and security of the construction enterprise resources. Also, by streamlining the procurement
of crucial data, the top management can make informed and rational decisions for the
different projects.

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