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IoT solution for Construction and Infrastructure Industry

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Blog written by – Ashok Wani- Head – Technology & Innovation

The construction industry is undergoing a radical change with the companies demanding innovative methods to streamline the average process and boost efficiency, the possibility of traditional methods to work now is unlikely. High productivity, augmented control, and easy maintenance are the driving force behind IoT adoption in infrastructure.

Key business challenges faced by the construction and infrastructure industry –


● Lack of real-time movement tracking
● Absence of historical data related to movement
● Fuel pilferages
● Unknown driving behavior
● No knowledge of equipment movement outside the construction site premises
● Workplace safety


Information Modelling
The next-generation IoT features allow the installation of in-built sensors into various assets of the project which amasses the aforementioned information. The insights received are even related to the effects of climate change and time on the assets. Such data, when perceived in a structural manner, help the decision-makers to plan in a manner that is foolproof, energy-efficient, and less sensitive to environmental risks.

As the construction industry poses heavy reliance on a wide variety of equipment, ranging from colossal engineering vehicles to portable drills and other building equipment, keeping a track of asset utilization and performance across construction sites, etc. requires a smart IoT solution. Early adopters can leverage this development for better control and faster business

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