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Rebar Solution

Raising the Bar

Rebar Solution: Reinforcement Steel Optimisation


Material costs constitute a significant portion of the construction costs. Class A items like steel and cement form a large portion of these costs. Standard length reinforcement bars are required to be cut into required cut-lengths as per the bar-bending schedule (BBS). The last piece i.e. off-cut gets wasted or scrapped. For a typical construction project the reinforcement component can be anywhere between 10-45% of the total cost. A saving of even 1-2% of this cost by reducing off-cuts can be a sizable saving for that project.


Highbar Technocrat has developed a solution, ‘Rebar’ for optimization and management of reinforcement steel. The solution accesses the BBS and also keeps track of inventory available in terms of diameter-wise reinforcement bars of different lengths. The solution has optimization engine which provides best possible cutting schedules so that wastage can be minimized. The system also keeps track of off-cut pieces so that they may be used in future to reduce wastage further.

Some of the important reports which can be generated with this solution are:

  • Cut-length required to be carried out for a bar
  • Date, vendor, diameter-wise receipts
  • Diameter-wise reconciliation
  • Rolling margin and stock list
  • Pending requisitions
  • Structure, contractor and diameter-wise fabrication and dispatch report


The solution provides wastage reduction of 1-2% of total reinforcement used at the project. The key benefits of the solution can be summarized below:

  • Generation of optimum off-cut lengths leading to reduction of reinforcement wastage
  • Reduction in manpower due to defined shifting of bars and related cutting
  • Aids in accurate reconciliation of reinforcement yard
  • Inventory control and procurement monitoring
  • Accountability of sub-contractor’s productivity

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