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Relevance of Collaborative Solutions in the New-Normal

Mangesh Wadaje ceo director Highbar Technocrat

Blog written by –Mr. Mangesh Wadaje is Director & CEO at Highbar Technocrat Limited

COVID -19 pandemic is seen as the phase of disruption and poor productivity. While it is throwing unprecedented challenges towards some sectors, others view it as an opportunity to reflect inwards and be more self-reliant.


Keeping that in mind, seamless collaboration has quickly become the new talk of the town among enterprises to manage business affairs, ensure business continuity, and drive in-house operational efficiency and business agility.


Enterprises are more inclined to use advanced solutions to achieve a unified, secured, and collaborative business ecosystem. In efforts to further bolster the remote working strategy, IT vendors are zeroing in on the following key enablers-


Seamless Data Access – 

Ability to access data anytime from anywhere through Cloud-enabled mobility solutions.


Verbal and Written Chain of Communication – 

The continuous flow of communication through email, video conferencing, and audio conferencing to ensure that the chain of communication is not disrupted.


Information Security – 

Disasters like these tend to introduce potential vulnerabilities into systems and processes, which need to be guarded against.

Amid the pandemic, corporations are extensively leveraging business solutions like ERP, Electronic Document Management Solution (DMS), Business Intelligence, SuccessFactors, IoT, CRM etc. Many of these solutions are powered by Cloud platforms that allow extensive mobility of resources. The use of custom video conferencing solutions on smart mobile devices is facilitating last-mile connectivity for the workforce.


To aid collaborative initiatives, companies should adopt innovative solutions and strategies to ensure minimum disruption in business processes and employee productivity. These measures will not only empower the construction sector to better serve their customers in the present era of lockdown but will also lay the foundation for garnering a significant competitive edge, once normalcy begins to dawn.


As business struggles to find the new-routines, innovation-driven enterprises will continue to search for new opportunities to leverage the existing industry vacuum and expand their market presence. 

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