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Raising the Bar

Life At Highbar

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With a legacy of 92 year old HCC group, Highbar is the only Indian IT Services company with a specialized focus on the infrastructure and real estate sector. Highbar employees at all levels work on challenging projects, many of which are the first ever in India, setting benchmarks in the Indian IT Services industry.

  • Define your own career path….write your own success story.
  • Do more…ask more.
  • Challenging environment that creates opportunities to maximize your potential
  • With a legacy of 92 years and an attitude of start-up, we have learnt how to make an elephant dance

With a lean organizational structure, Highbar employees get opportunities to work shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the most experienced professionals in the industry. A lean organization also means a broad exposure and an opportunity to demonstrate multifaceted talent as against being just a cog in a large wheel doing repetitive tasks.

Highbar is a fun place to work with a very young crowd as indicated by the average employee age of 28 years.

Join Highbar for a journey of fun, professional growth, recognition and above all, the pride of being one of the only few in India with the opportunity to work on challenging projects, some of which are the first in india and some first of the kind in the world.

Top 10 Reasons to work at Highbar

Grow faster in your career. Highbar is growing rapidly and has plans to expand globally. Every day at Highbar is filled up with new challenges and opportunities. Be the part of the core team and grow with Highbar, speeding up your career progression many folds.

Be an entrepreneur. Highbar is formed as a result of the entrepreneurial spirit of its employees. We believe in giving complete freedom to our employees and giving them independence to experiment in their work area.

Break the monotony of your professional life. At Highbar you are working continuously on different technologies, assignments and projects. Variety is what makes a Highbarian to get up in the morning and look forward to come to the office. We have a great set of people who enjoy their work and are bonded as a big family.

Merit matters. Meritocracy is what we believe in and standby. The only criteria for climbing the corporate ladder at Highbar are your talent and attitude.

Innovation runs through our blood. Right from our business model to our solutions we focus on innovation and encourage innovative approach towards work.

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Be different. We believe in being different than being one in the crowd. Here, you are more than just another employee in just another large organization working on just another project for years.

Dream big. Highbar came into being as a result of a common dream shared by its employees to form a company which they can call as their own. Become a part of the dream called Highbar Technocrat. There is nothing more fulfilling than working hard to see your dreams realised.

Invest in your career. The opportunities, challenges and learning you get at Highbar is much more than you can get anywhere else. The time you spend at Highbar will provide much more enriching and rewarding career experience as compared to anywhere else.

Work hard party harder. This is the philosophy which drives us. We believe in sharing the joy and success of our employees by celebrating them across the organisation. We believe if you enjoy your life it reflects in your work!

Conquering new fronts. Highbar has been recognized as ‘Asia’s 1st IT company for Infrastructure Industry’. It is also selected amongst 50 Emerging companies of India. At Highbar we are conquering new fronts every day. You can be part of the exhilarating journey called Highbar and experience the thrill.

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