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Audit And Training

A periodic SAP audit ensures the effective use of SAP. We offer the following SAP audit services:

  • SAP Security Audit
    It checks whether the SAP system is secured as per the norms and suggests to the organisation which norms should be enhanced.
  • SAP Technical Audit 
    This ensures SAP ERP application’s smooth operations with respect to multi-applications, hardware, interfaces, etc. The technical audit report provides application and server’s health check-up recommendations related to enhancing server memory or upgrading applications, etc.
  • SAP Functional Audit
    Through the functional audit, we check for the current functional SAP modules utilization by users, compare the same with industry best practices and suggest the optimal utilization through enhancements if required. This audit will help in enhancing SAP functions and organisation processes in line with industry best practices.
  • Training and Change Management 
    With ICE (Involve, Communicate, and Educate) Methodology approach, Highbar enables change management during the SAP implementation cycle at organisations. We educate employees on change management by involving and communicating with them from a business perspective to ensure faster adoption. We also offer periodic training to new employees to make them accustomed to the new best practices.
  • IT Infrastructure and Support:
    We offer services starting from IT architecture, procurement assistance, installation and ongoing support and maintenance of hardware in a data centre as well as in the hands of end-users (including Mobility). The services cover not only the hardware but also wide-area networking comprising various options such as MPLS, ISDN, leased lines, radio connectivity with VSAT, etc to provide uptime up to 99.99%.

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