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Business Intelligence

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Business Intelligence


To sustain high performance in the fast growth phase of infrastructure industry, organisations need robust techniques for gathering, maintaining and using the real-time information to make strategic decisions. There is an increased need for immediate, single-point access to all relevant information regardless of source about all aspects of the project. Some of the common challenges faced in terms of good business intelligence can be summarized as follows:

  • Data relevant for decision-making is spread in different systems across the IT landscape making the analysis time consuming and inconsistent
  • Finding the relevant information for analysis can be a challenge
  • Transactional systems often require additional programming efforts to retrieve relevant information.Employees without programming know-how are not able to run ad-hoc analyse
  • Exceptions are not alerted to the concerned authorities
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Solution and benefits:

Highbar Technocrat with the help of world-class business intelligence tools enables clients to organize current and historic business intelligence data from the Management Information Systems, whether they be ERP or CRM systems, or from Excel spreadsheets and other tools. Data is refined and presented to business users in a friendly way such as reports, dashboards, score boards; which support effective decision making at various levels.

The key benefits of business intelligence can be summarized as follows:

  • Better control trough improved business, asset and finance management.
  • Supports decision making process through strategic and tactical reporting rather than operational reporting
  • Organizes data around relevant subject areas in a summarized form and stored in a logical manner for easy retrieval allowing simplified graphical presentation of KPIs and metrics
  • Reliable presentation of information with the reports
  • Integration of multiple data sources
  • Faster collection and dissemination of information
  • Provides flexibility to users to analyze information according to own needs and let them manage it themselves with minimum reliance on IT support

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