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Highbar has facilitated the next generation project management platform especially in metro rail space which consists of 5D BIM (5 Dimensional Building Information Modelling) integrated with SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) supported by OSO (Owner’s Support Office). This is 1st of its kind platform implemented across India for efficient project management at Nagpur Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.

Digital Project Management Platform (5D BIM Integrated with SAP ERP): With implementation of Digital Project Management platform, Highbar has started focusing on Mega construction projects to adopt this platform & consider for efficient project management at respective projects. With implementation of Digital platform at Nagpur Metro Rail Corporation, Highbar has introduced advanced technologies like Open Text ECM, Linear Asset Management, Re-Land, SRM (Supplier Relationship Management),FLM (File Lifecycle Management) first time in India for a linear Mega project. Maha Metro is using these technologies efficiently for the Nagpur metro project.

This solution adds value at every stage of metro project.

Design & Planning

  • Dynamic allocation of reviewers
  • Easy collaboration environment minimizes coordination efforts
  • Clash detection & conflict resolution
  • Reports to help minimize delays in  review of drawings
  •  Maintain intelligent information (Graphical & Non-Graphical)
  • Customizable dashboards to monitor design & drawings management

Execution & Monitoring

  • 5D simulation & visualization
  • Office automation
  • Change order management to track variation in quantities, change of materials.
  • Single platform for enterprise level  reporting
  • Repository of construction  phase data to act as reference during O&M phase

Operation & Maintenance

  • Timely & cost effective
  • Maintenance processes
  • Asset information management
  • Maintenance Dashboards
  • Efficient asset management

Overall benefits of solution

  • Engineering practices combined with project management practice
  • Single source of truth to avoid  duplication
  • Highest level of visibility in megaprojects
  • Reduction in lifecycle cost
  • Faster delivery of project with highest quality

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