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Construction industry is changing at a glacial pace. construction companies are adopting technology to successfully address common workplace concerns and streamline their processes. Productivity, maintenance, security and safety appear to be the leading drivers of IoT adoption in the construction industry. Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensors are collecting job site data in a more affordable, efficient and effective way and these collected data has now become a critical asset for business, and informed decisions can only be data-driven

Solution Features of Highbar IoT
  • Geofencing -Setting Specific Vehicle Travel Zone
  • Total monitoring of equipment with a track history
  • Real-time data of equipment (location, fuel level, current speed)
  • Current status of equipment (moving, idle, parked, disconnected, GPS lost, battery)
  • Entire fuel tracking with Ultrasonic waves
  • Fuel tracking alerts (refill, consumption, fuel theft/pilferage)
  • The events can be added like (Geo fence, poly fence, overdriving, over speeding)
  • Services can be added like (insurance, equipment services, oil change, tyre change)
  • Whole information about the driver can be added, driver’s behaviour can be monitor
  • Different groups can be made as per site/location
  • Reports generated (movement, trip, idling, stoppage, utilization, fuel refill, fuel pilferage)
  • Centralized Cloud Storage
  • Access to Mobile Apps
  • SD Card for Offline Data Storage
  • Battery Backup Provision
  • Optional Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connection
Alerts obtained from Highbar’s IoT solution on your mobile
  • Speed Alert
    Get alerted the moment any vehicle or equipment exceeds the predefined speed limit
  • Geofencing Activity Alerts
    Use Geofencing activity alert when a vehicle or construction equipment enters or leaves the predefined travel zone
  • Working and Idle Time Alerts
    Reports are generated for working hours and idle hours of a vehicle or equipment.
  • Maintenance Alerts
    Get alerts on maintenance contracts to avoid downtime
  • Ignition Alert
    Get Use alert on engine On and OFF moments
  • Temperature Alerts
    Get alerts when the temperature goes above or below the threshold value.
  • Fuel Consumption Alerts
    Real time alerts on fuel usages

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