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As one of the pioneers in IT infrastructure service provider in India Highbar has actively developed and implemented  IT solutions for smart cities for over a decade. Highbar has retained the position of preferred IT implementation partner for smart cities, including the AURIC & Bhubaneswar and Lavasa.

Highbar’s smart city solution overview
  • Governance through SAP ERP
  • Manage Funds and Investments
  • Tracking and Monitoring of cost
  • Manages Project scope, Budget, Time, Resources, and progress

  • Manage material & Service procurements
  • Manage Asset Life cycle
  • Dashboard and Reporting.
  • Provide Utility services
  • Manage Customer Services



Aurangabad Industrial Smart City(AURIC)
  • India’s 1’st Industrial Smart City project
  • Green field project
  • SAP ERP Solution will assist the organization at each stage of city
    development viz. planning, construction and operation & maintenance
  • Help city manage funds, utilities billing and infrastructure
  • Automated multichannel customer service

Bhubaneswar Smart City Project
  • India’s 1st Rank Smart City
  • ICT implementation including SAP ERP & e-Governance
  • Digital platform to track complete CAPEX & OPEX cycle from asset funding
    to operations and maintenance cost
  • Complete automation of citizen & employee services
  • Digital File Management  enabling paperless office

Lavasa City
  • Independent India’s 1’st privately built smart City
  • Highbar involved in SAP ERP implementation
  • Automation of Finance, Purchase, and Project management processes
  • CMS Billing application
  • Customer Relationship Management