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Intelligent E-Invoicing Connector + GST Enhancer

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Intelligent E-Invoicing Connector + GST Enhancer

E-invoicing’ or ‘electronic invoicing’ is a system in which B2B invoices are authenticated electronically by GSTN for further use on the common GST portal. E-Invoicing will be applicable for organizations with a turnover of INR 500 Cr and above from 1st  October 2020 onwards.

Highbar Technocrat Limited offers Intelligent E-Invoicing Connector + GST Enhancer, compatible with any of Government approved GSP solution providers and with IRP portal, to assist Organization being E-Invoicing compliant ON TIME.

Here are some of the challenges most small, medium, and even large-scale organizations face with their GST compliance, while filing GST returns manually through the government portal or through the ASP-GSP route.
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Highbar’s Intelligent E-Invoicing Connector assists organizations to be E-Invoicing ready quickly and the GST Enhancer smoothens the existing GST filing process with error-free uploading, filing with greater accuracy, and optimized return on investments, with the following advantages:

  • Quick deployment into the existing solution set
  • Coexistence with any of the government-approved E-Invoicing & GSP solution provider
  • Predefined interface approach compatible with government released APIs for interfacing SAP with E-Invoicing solution provider (GSP)
  • Solution ready with 4 different ways for updating invoice data to E-Invoicing solution provider portal –
    • Direct upload on to E-Invoicing solution providing portal (GSP)
    • Batch upload of invoice data at the end of the day or at a predefined frequency on to E-Invoicing solution providing portal (GSP)
    • Invoice data upload using SFTP approach
    • Real-time integration

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