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The Challenges:

Tunnel excavation needs precision. For tunnels excavated by drilling and blasting methods, constant monitoring of tunnel profile is needed to check whether the excavation is as per plan. This study needs to be conducted periodically to get the optical target data of excavation resulting in maintenance of large database of all the targets involved in the project. The current processes used for most of the tunnel excavation projects are not automated resulting in manual intervention right from copying the target data to plotting the deviations across the three dimensions. The process becomes time consuming as well as is error-prone because of the human intervention.

The Solution:

Highbar Technocrat has developed Tunnel Excavation Monitoring System which automates the entire process. The data gets automatically updated for each of the optical targets which were recorded on a particular day. The software processes the data to provide graphs/ plots in user-friendly menu options for the desired duration.

The Benefits:

The software gives an accurate feel of the tunnel excavation activities. It also saves a lot of time and effort. The human intervention with data is completely eliminated resulting in the process to be very systematic, organized and hassle free.

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