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SAP NetWeaver IDM- SAP’s Solution for Centralized User Management in Heterogeneous Landscapes

Managing people in different types of information technology environments is one of the most difficult challenges companies are currently experiencing. Access control achieved through role management is quickly becoming the method of choice among organizations. Because of the growing number of duties, the system landscape is becoming increasingly complicated, making it more difficult to administer and keep tabs on (SAP1, 2012). One can manage identities and the authorizations associated with those identities centrally in SAP and non-SAP system landscapes when using SAP NetWeaver Identity Management (IDM).

SAP NetWeaver Identity Management (IDM) is a product in which users’ identities can be managed during their whole life cycle. This includes everything from entering an organisation to changing positions within the same organisation. It manages user access, offers user access according to current business roles, and handles passwords with self-service capabilities and approval workflows. Moreover, it contains user access and provides user access according to current business roles. In addition, user access permissions are removed from the system automatically upon the departure of a user from the organisation. Integration with SAP Human Capital Management or SAP SuccessFactors is typically required for any life cycle modifications. SAP Identity Management interfaces with SAP Access Control to check for compliance concerns, risk analysis, and risk mitigation in connection with role assignments, as well as for possible segregation-of-duty disputes.

This comes with employee self-services and connection with SAP BusinessObjects Access Control (SAP2, 2012), formerly known as GRC (Governance, risk management, and compliance). This assists in risk identification and mitigation and makes identity management more compliant. Providing mutual authentication for all business operations and a single sign-on as a secure identity management solution is possible through NetWeaver IDM, a highly flexible framework. Reduced operating expenses, evolving business procedures, and the inability to completely de-provision a user are all factors that have led to the rise of identity management.

You need to have a system management solution if you have a large and complicated IT landscape. This variation aims to acquaint you with the process of connecting SAP NetWeaver with the Windows Operating System from Microsoft, and the Tivoli system management portfolio from IBM. SAP NetWeaver has unified these assets to accomplish optimization, availability, security, and provisioning for the whole SAP and IT environment.

This allows you to use and integrate the SAP applications into the IT system landscapes, including solutions from third-party vendors. You can incorporate the features of SAP NetWeaver with industry-leading system administration solutions in various domains, including identity and access management, monitoring, provisioning, scheduling, and storage and archiving, amongst others.

Integration with the Windows operating system from Microsoft.

Users who are available on the operating system can be integrated with those available on SAP NetWeaver, thanks to the integration capabilities provided by the Microsoft Windows operating system and SAP NetWeaver. When users authenticate to SAP NetWeaver, the process takes far less time than it does when establishing other products, and users can attest to both products simultaneously.

Therefore, clients only need to identify themselves once instead of having to do so initially with Microsoft Windows and then once more to validate their identity to SAP NetWeaver. Integration with Microsoft is the place to look if you want to learn more about the compatibility between SAP NetWeaver and Microsoft Windows.

Integration with the IBM Tivoli platform

SAP NetWeaver provides interoperability between SAP NetWeaver and the IBM Tivoli portfolio. You will not be deprived of the functionality offered by SAP NetWeaver if you use the features provided by Tivoli.

Tivoli addresses the SAP system administration demands from a worldwide perspective with authorized products and interfaces. As a result, SAP NetWeaver’s functionality is made more comprehensive. Tivoli can assist you in the following stages of the SAP implementation initiatives you undertake:

  • Implementation
  • Infrastructure optimization
  • Maintenance

Integration with IBM can provide you with additional details regarding the interoperability between SAP NetWeaver and IBM Tivoli.


The following advantages are yours to enjoy as a result of this interoperability:

  • Monitoring the availability and performance of an SAP NetWeaver environment in the context of the greater scope of the entire IT environment from end to end quickly and efficiently.
  • Integrate sophisticated security solutions with all SAP and non-SAP security demands, such as centralized and automated user management, Single Sign-on directory infrastructure, and synchronization. Examples of these systems include:
  • The provisioning of infrastructure services supports an environment that is enabled by adaptive computing.
  • Integration and archiving of dependable storage and tried and tested for SAP NetWeaver components.
  • Robust functionality for scheduling workloads that goes beyond what SAP batch scheduling offers.

Installable Units That Are Either Required or Optional

You are going to need the following installable units to use this IT scenario:

  • Application Server Java (AS Java)
  • Application Server ABAP (AS ABAP)
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