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If you only have a few people and tasks to manage for a project, you should have no trouble keeping everything under control. Managing a project becomes challenging as its responsibilities expand, and it goes through various stages with the participation of multiple individuals. Here is where tracking the project comes into play.

Tracking projects will assist you in streamlining processes, enabling you to determine which tasks come before others. And guide you to choose one over the other as a priority.

In addition, doing so will assist you in mitigating risks, locating obstacles and resolving them, and meeting deadlines. In general, progress is being made in the right direction with both the team and the project.

The outcome of effectively managing and tracking your project will be beneficial to more than just the project itself. However, this will also result in the upper management giving the team a positive review.

In the context of project management, what exactly is project tracking?


The procedure for managing the project’s time keeps a log of how long each team member needs to finish the tasks given to them.

It assists the project manager in determining the team’s productivity and progress on the project.

Project tracking allows project managers to examine their projections for a project, such as its duration, and make any necessary adjustments in their project management tool based on the information gleaned from the audit.

In addition, team members can evaluate their performance with the help of project tracking to ensure that they progress toward the project’s goals.

Even though project managers can monitor this time manually, it is still recommended that they make use of project tracking software because such a tool can assist you in the following ways:

Keep track of the amount of time spent on tasks, monitor the progress made by the team, and generate reports that can be analyzed in the future.

Although there is some variation in the features offered by different project tracking applications, most of them make it possible for project team members to monitor how much time they spend on each task.

Businesses that hire a large number of workers hourly or bill their customers for services rendered on an hourly basis could benefit from using this kind of software.

There are many advantages to using project tracking software when managing projects

According to the statistics compiled by Time Management, the vast majority of people (82%) do not use an all-encompassing time management system. Instead, they rely on straightforward options such as lists or do nothing at all.

Only 18% of employees use a time management system that is clearly defined.

Although there are a variety of standard approaches to timekeeping, such as spreadsheets, smartphone notes, or even good old-fashioned pen and paper, not all of these methods are created equal in terms of their efficiency.

When tracking the amount of time spent on projects, this type of software is typically the most accurate and cost-effective option for businesses.

How does SAP contribute to the monitoring of projects?

The primary screen for Progress Tracking is accessible once you have decided which objects within Progress Tracking you wish to process and have selected those objects. This is the primary interface for Progress Tracking, where you can carry out various functions or navigate to other transactions.

The primary Progress Tracking screen in SAP is broken up into two sections, and those sections are as follows:

  • An overview of the Progress Tracking objects you have selected can be found in the top half of the screen in the section labelled “Progress Tracking Object Overview.” This section provides a summary of the information that is pertinent to each Progress Tracking object. When Progress Tracking is started for the first time, the first entry in this section is chosen to be the “current entry,” and it is highlighted appropriately.
  • This displays the events for the Progress Tracking object, the current entry in the Progress Tracking Object Overview, and can be found in the bottom half of the screen.

The currently selected entry is presented in the space between the two overviews. You can navigate to the next or previous entry in the Progress Tracking Object Overview by using the scroll keys located to the left of this data. When you scroll through, the entry corresponding to what you’re looking at will automatically become highlighted in the progress tracking object overview. You’ll be able to view its events in the Events overview.


The phase of project tracking known as “execution” is the most significant because this is the stage at which the information gleaned from project tracking is utilized to enhance the overall quality of project management and to produce outcomes that are superior to those that were previously documented. With the assistance of project management software that includes project tracking features, you can try, experiment, and analyze your data so that your project management can become more effective over time.

In conclusion, tracking your time is the fundamental building block for increasing workplace productivity. This is because you can only optimize what you follow in the first place. Tracking your time will help your PM team discover how much of your time is spent on tasks, but it will also assist you in determining how to deliver results more practically.

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