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SAP Fiori is a design system that allows us to create business apps that have a consumer-grade user experience, transforming layman into SAP experts through simple screens that one can access from any device.


The new features in SAP Fiori 2.0 have included an Overview Page, which simplifies information flow, List Reports, Object Pages, and a Launchpad, allowing users to navigate between applications. The Launchpad will enable users to search for apps that may be needed for new processes and discover unique and intuitive ways to organize tools. It is planned that SAP Fiori 3.0 will be the new target design for the company, and it will evolve the design system to endorse the SAP Intelligent Suite wholeheartedly.

1. Attaining your business objectives is essential.

SAP Fiori apps can help you get up and running faster and spend less time training. Users can complete their tasks more quickly and accurately with more straightforward and intuitive screens based on how people work. As a result, users report higher levels of satisfaction.

2. Problems should be approached in novel ways.

The SAP Fiori design system provides you with the templates, tools, and guidelines you need to create visually appealing enterprise applications that users will enjoy using. Through the use of SAP Fiori, you can assist in ensuring that your app designs are coherent across all platforms.

3. Create applications that are more efficient and faster.

SAP Fiori tools, technologies, and templates can help you build, test, and deploy enterprise software faster using your preferred development framework, saving you time and money. With SAP Fiori, you can ensure that your users have a consistent customer experience across your applications.


What are some of the advantages of SAP Fiori? Users have reported increased productivity as a result of Fiori. Fiori is known for reducing the amount of time required to complete a task by 64 percent compared to the SAP GUI. The fact that it is easier and simpler to learn means that it has a high rate of adoption and reduces the amount of time spent training. Users of SAP Fiori on HANA report less need to develop their application development tools on the application development side. In part, this is due to the increase in the number of titles available in the Fiori library.


To assist you in planning your SAP Fiori project effectively, the following tools are available:

  1. Select your SAP Fiori applications.

It is possible to explore, plan, and implement SAP Fiori apps and classic applications based on SAP GUI and Web Dynpro. With the help of the SAP Fiori apps reference library, which provides a better understanding of the required back-end and front-end components.

2. Calculate the amount of money that your business could save.

Use the calculator tool to see how a positive user experience can help your organization save money across the board. The SAP Fiori product road map outlines the direction in which the product capabilities are expected to develop over time. The road map includes information on new advances, scheduled innovations, and a summary of the product’s future direction.

  1. Configuration of the Launchpad

It is necessary to create a shell to host SAP Fiori applications as part of the Launchpad configuration. As well as providing design, navigation, and personalization capabilities to the apps, the body also gives them built-in support. As a result, a tile-based coding technique has been created. The users can access a business application defined by each tile by selecting it from the tiles. It is determined which tiles are displayed based on the user’s role, and they display current statuses such as the number of tasks that are currently open.

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