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SAP’s Vision for Supporting Business Transformation and The Workforce of The Future

Over the past few years, digital technologies have attracted a growing amount of attention and investment. Change is being driven by various forces, producing exponential shifts across multiple dimensions of business. The digital sphere subjects’ companies to a wide range of new competitive challenges, all of which need to be considered and evaluated. Therefore, new…

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How Technology Is Reshaping The Construction Landscape In India

The global construction spectrum is undergoing an extensive transformation. Though 2020 instilled uncertainty all over the world, businesses have started to recover again, paving the way for better opportunities in the pipeline. This recovery cycle also comes with an extraordinary pressure on construction players due to competitive bids and lack of skilled labor, compelling developers…

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How to Select the Most Effective Project Management Methodology for Your Project’s Success

Project-based businesses should have a plan for managing and finishing projects, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. When your team adheres to a precise project management methodology, they will be able to stay structured and coordinated to pursue their objectives. The approaches available to you are numerous, each with its pros and drawbacks to consider.…

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