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Natural resistance to alteration is common in organizations, just as it is in people. The stakes are high in today’s quick-paced business world as new trends and technology open new potential for businesses to succeed or fail.

If your company has seen any of the following indicators, it is likely that the CRM system you are using now has outlived its usefulness and it’s time to switch:

Your CRM doesn’t fit your process.

When the company was just getting started, some people decided about the initial solution with a limited budget or without spending much time researching the options. Because of this, the tool was inferior right from the start. Others may have selected the best technology that was available at the time. Still, they may have discovered that it hasn’t aged well or been correctly maintained and updated, leaving you with a slower version and fewer capabilities.

However, the scenario where a company discovers that it has outgrown its solution occurs frequently. Their customer relationship management system used to be adequate for their requirements. Still, as the company has expanded and matured, it has adopted new business objectives and internal procedures that the CRM system was not intended to support.

Whatever the reason may be, if you find that your CRM solution is unable to provide essential functionality to support how you conduct business — such as tracking client leads and sales performance, creating tasks and calendar appointments, and setting up workflow reminders and alerts — it is time to consider switching to a different platform.

Your system is incompatible with those of others.

Although customer relationship management (CRM) is essential to any company, it is by no means the only tool that your company uses. To assist your sales, marketing, and customer service teams in performing their jobs efficiently and successfully, your system needs to interface fluidly with other software and plugins.

Suppose you are not currently connecting these solutions centrally through your CRM platform as a single system; in that case, you will likely struggle with conflicting or duplicate data, redundant manual entry and inefficient workflows, and a messy picture of your customer base and sales activities. These problems can be avoided by connecting these solutions and creating a single system.

You do not have visibility into the reporting and forecasting processes.

In most businesses, sales figures are not the only statistic that is essential to measuring the performance of the sales staff. The activities and interactions related to sales and marketing should be tracked by an efficient CRM system throughout the sales process. This data should be easily examined using a reporting dashboard that can be personalized.

It is also very crucial to have the ability to accurately predict future sales using a technology that is straightforward to understand. Your customer relationship management software should eliminate the need for educated guesswork in short-term and long-term pipeline projections by including dynamic fields such as probability, volume, and status.

If your customer relationship management system (CRM) does not have robust sales reporting and forecast functionality, then you are severely hindering the ability of your sales staff and management to make informed decisions based on projected profitability.

It is unable to keep up with your active lifestyle.

Employees are increasingly expected to switch between working in the office and out in the field, accessing systems from airports and hotels while travelling, or working in a completely virtual capacity from their home or a local coffee shop. This is part of an overall trend in which companies are increasingly expanding their operations beyond traditional brick-and-mortar operations.

You must provide your employees with quick, easy, and secure remote access to your customer relationship management system if they fulfil any of the categories given above. This indicates that it must also be accessible via mobile, email, and web-based platforms; this is necessary for your staff, which is becoming increasingly mobile.

You are wasting productivity and probably alienating a growing pool of remote-savvy employees and potential customers if your customer relationship management system does not support out-of-office access with multichannel capabilities.

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