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Manually controlling cloud prices is neither scalable nor straightforward. The good news is that tools are available to help you get rid of your headache. This blog post examines some of the most often used tools for cloud cost management and some of the less widely used ones.

Whether you utilize a single cloud service provider such as AWS, GCP, or Azure, or if you operate in a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environment, you are nearly certain to be wasting money on resources that your organization isn’t using. You can make a learned engineering and business decisions based on this cost intelligence, such as how to price a product or cost-effective design software.

Harness Cloud Cost Management

Harness Cloud Cost Management is a cloud-based platform created specifically for the needs of today’s software companies. Teams across the enterprise can understand where the costs end up coming right from and via visualizing, optimizing of their cloud costs and even visualizing.


AWS Cost Explorer

AWS Cost Explorer is a tool that allows you to see how much it will cost you.Each public cloud provider offers a built-in console that will enable you to obtain a high-level view of your prices and use. AWS Cost Explorer is a built-in tool provided by Amazon Web Services to assist you in determining your costs and expenses.


GCP Billing

Each public cloud provider offers a built-in console that allows you to obtain a high-level view of your prices and use. GCP Billing is a built-in utility that Google Cloud Platform provides to assist you in understanding your GCP cloud bill, and it is available in the Google Cloud Platform console.


Managing and Billing Services by Microsoft Azure

Each public cloud provider offers a built-in console that allows you to obtain a high-level view of your prices and use. Azure Cost Management + Billing is a built-in feature that Microsoft Azure provides to assist you in understanding your Azure cloud bill, and it is available for free.


Apptio Cloudability

Cloudability is known to be the cloud-based application of cost management that focuses on assisting the customers in majorly gaining the visibility into the overall spending, managing and optimizing their spending patterns. Furthermore, they help businesses visualize what their cost profile will look like throughout a cloud migration.



VMware’s CloudHealth is a service that monitors the health of a cloud-based infrastructure.

Cloudhealth is a cloud cost management platform that focuses explicitly on governance in the cloud cost management space. As the first primary tool of its kind on the market, Cloudhealth assists companies in gaining greater visibility and optimizing their spending and developing policies that comply with regulatory and financial management requirements.



NetApp is known to be a tool for modern cloud cost management which primarily focuses on helping firms to finally be able to automate the cost. Instead of more specific tools that identify opportunities and then delegate responsibility for implementing them to the teams that use the tool, NetApp is a cloud management platform and a discovery tool.



Kubecost helps organizations minimize spending and avoid resource-based disruptions by providing visibility into their Kubernetes resources. When it comes to Kubernetes, the tool focuses on discovering costs and optimization opportunities within the cluster, with no consideration given to non-cluster costs such as resources particular to AWS, GCP, or Azure.



CloudAdmin is a SaaS-based software that helps enterprises of all sizes identify and reduce their public cloud spending. Signing up for the tool takes no more than three minutes, and it comes with a 14-day free trial. CloudAdmin provides real-time visibility into cloud resources and assists organizations in optimizing both single-cloud and multi-cloud infrastructures.

A robust notification system is also included with the program. You can use CloudAdmin to constantly monitor for better price possibilities and set up bespoke alarms to tell you when the team is incurring needless expenditures if needed.



CloudCheckr is a cloud computing service that focuses on cost minimization and cloud security. The platform is delivered as a SaaS service and provides users with the following features:

  • Cost tracking and optimization are two critical aspects of every business, and
  • Rightsizing and inventory of available resources.
  • Security and compliance for public cloud platforms are essential considerations.

It includes more than 500 best practices for cost and security available out-of-the-box, allowing clients to get installations under control with the least amount of configuration.



The VMware, cloud, and container infrastructure management platform Densify assist customers in maintaining high levels of performance while managing their infrastructure. Using machine-learning recommendations and automation, this product enables you to gain greater control over your costs and performance levels.

Densify assists clients in saving money by providing excellent advice, risk identification, and robust reporting tools.



Flexera is a software-as-a-service solution that assists enterprises in managing hybrid environments. The platform provides complete visibility into complicated cloud ecosystems and enables teams to transform their information technology by doing the following:

  • The right-sizing is consistent across all platforms.
  • Reallocation of resources.
  • Lowering the likelihood of cloud occurrences

Flexera is highly programmable and comes with a unique policy language that can be used to extend the product’s functionality.


Nutanix’s Xi Beam

In the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, Xi Beam considered to be the multi-cloud cost optimization services that is included in the overall package. The beam across all of your clouds provides cloud cost visibility, and it offers extensive insights based on precise consumption trends. This platform ensures cloud savings by incorporating the following features:

  • Tasks that are scheduled automatically.
  • Artificial intelligence algorithms for the detection of anomalies.
  • Right-sizing cloud resources are essential.
  • Chargeback capabilities across many clouds.
  • Analysis at the cluster level.
  • Compliance features are included.

Because Xi Beam places a strong emphasis on user-friendliness and simplicity, acting on most recommendations is a simple one-click procedure.



Turbonomic enables continual cost for the purpose to optimizethe app demand to available supply resources. This utility can be configured as either a boxed software product or a SaaS.

Turbonomic’s primary focus is on resource scheduling and automation capabilities, among other things. Even though the application does not provide many additional capabilities, its two primary functions are among the best in the industry.


Realize Business is a virtualization-based business management system.

Cloud Cost Management technologies such as vRealize Business for Cloud are ranked #4 on the list of the best solutions. User reviews on PeerSpot have given vRealize Business for Cloud an 8 out of 10. It is most frequently used compared to VMware vRealize Automation (RA), which is described as follows: vRealize Business for Cloud against VMware vRealize Automation (vRA). Professionals from a computer software company are the most common industrial group researching this solution, accounting for 37 percent of all views.



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