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Highbar Technocrat’s leading tool, Rebar Optimization Solution helps in project cost reduction by identifying ways to reduce wastages. Even a 5% saving in cost of rebar usage can save crores of rupees in a large construction project.

Rebar for optimization and management of reinforcement steel solution gains access to Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) and keeps a check on the available inventory. The tool leveraging its state-of-the-art optimization engine offers the most suitable cutting schedules to minimise wastage of resources, enabling realtors to cut on their operating expenditures significantly. Furthermore, to ensure an optimum utilisation of resources, the solution also keeps track offcut of pieces for future usage.

Enhance timeliness of project execution, avoiding time overruns, often leads to cost overruns. Through years of experience, Highbar Technocrat’s engineers observed and documented opportunities to streamline project management and created a 5-Dimensional Digital Project Management Platform, that combines the power of 3-Dimensional Architectural Modeling and SAP ERP while adding innovation to provide real-time 3-dimensional digital dashboard with time and cost as the two more dimensions added to it.

Many real estate companies across India and internationally too are using our Digital Project Management platform to drive efficiencies in their operations through data-driven decisions.

On the end consumer front, Data Science is already reshaping the real estate sector by refining consumer searches and offering targeted recommendations on real estate portals to prospective buyers and sellers.

Data synthesizing tools could furnish consumers with projects which best comply with their requirements including the number of rooms they need, their preferential localities, affordability, potential rent which the property can offer etc.

Realtors also garner an inclusive understanding of buyer patterns citing the enormous data they have at their disposal.

Highbar Technocrat is one of the leading end-to-end IT solution providers for the Infrastructure, EC&O, Real Estate, and Power sectors. They are SAP Gold partner and offer a wide bouquet of digitally integrated solutions ranging from implementing SAP-based ERP solutions like RISE with S/4HANA, Cloud-based solutions to 5D BIM for mega infra-projects, RPA & IoT solutions, and many more. With an in-depth understanding and core competence of the construction & infrastructure industry, Highbar is the perfect blend of domain knowledge in the infrastructure business with a team that is well equipped to understand and relate to the requirements of the sector.

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Blog written by — Mr. Kaustav Das, Head- Prime Business, Highbar Technocrat

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