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RISE with SAP has been around for a while. RISE with SAP is not a collection of new functions; rather, it is described as bundling of current SAP assets that focuses on providing customers with business transformation as a service. 

On the day that RISE with SAP was announced to the public, several official blog posts were published on the SAP Community and SAP News websites. These posts provided an overview of some of its most important features as well as the thought process that went into the development of this software. Even though it provided a lot of answers, there were still a lot of unanswered questions about what it was trying to deliver.

RISE with SAP is a service that assists businesses in launching cloud-based SAP solutions. It removes a significant amount of the need for enterprise planning to involve a lot of guessing and piecemeal licensing payments, which speeds up the adoption of cloud computing. These domains were chosen for inclusion.

Every company needs to come up with new business models so that they don’t get disrupted and keep improving their efficiencies so that they can fund innovation and modernize their mission-critical systems without putting their business at risk. RISE with SAP is the answer to this problem.

RISE with SAP is a comprehensive solution that includes:

  • Cloud ERP tailored to meet the requirements of any organization
  • Next-generation industry methods as well as extensibility
  • Services from SAP and its partners that are outcome-driven, including analytics and business process intelligence
How RISE WITH SAP ensures business benefits for the construction industry

Construction companies are working in a more difficult environment than ever before. Construction and engineering companies are under an incredible amount of strain because of the increased risks associated with tight margins, fierce competition, and demands for faster completion dates. At the same time, the cash position of a firm and its liquidity are extremely important factors in terms of both success and expansion. Globalization introduces brand new difficulties, such as an even higher degree of competitiveness and an increase in the complexity of projects.

Business benefits provided by RISE WITH SAP for the construction industry are:

To gain a competitive advantage and ensure that projects stay on track

 Streamline the delivery of projects to ensure that they are completed on time, under budget, and effectively.

  • Provide support for sophisticated and intricate billing models to accommodate all client kinds.
  • Discover relevant information and increase the efficiency of your sales efforts.
To use a single platform to drive profitability and innovation while maintaining complete control of your organization

 RISE with SAP has assisted clients in the implementation of the appropriate technology to enable them to proactively identify issues, act, and continue to be profitable. This assistance was made possible by the practice knowledge gained across multiple deployments in the Engineering, Construction, and Operations Industry (EC&O). It provides a comprehensive collection of cutting-edge solutions to assist you in managing your EC&O business, whether you’re involved in the planning, budgeting, bidding, or execution stages of the process.

To help complete the lifespan of a project which can be covered by integrated RISE with SAP solutions for construction and engineering


  • Enhanced adaptability and competitiveness because of rapid information processing and decision-making at the highest possible level
  • Encouragement of industry standards for both strategic and operational performance monitoring and analysis
  • Improved business planning because of insights gained about the performance of business units and lines of work
  • Increased profitability of the project thanks to increased transparency into concerns regarding execution and productivity
To improve your position in the market with RISE WITH SAP software designed for the construction industry

Utilizing RISE with SAP is a great way to gain a competitive advantage and ensure that projects stay on track. The complete lifespan of a project can be covered by integrated RISE with SAP solutions for construction and engineering. RISE with SAP software solutions provides the complete enterprise-wide visibility that is necessary for you to flourish in all aspects of your business, from planning and design to project management and operations. In addition, they may assist you in interacting with strategic partners and important stakeholders, managing papers, tracking the shipment of products and their quality and giving you greater control over the situation.

About us:

Highbar Technocrat Limited, an SAP Gold Partner, helps clients in India and abroad to help them manage change. Highbar adopts an integrated approach to help you rethink your business, with a high level of agility and efficiency. At Highbar we see disruption as an opportunity to help clients transform their business with granular solutions. Handling change requires confidence in decision making and Highbar enables this confidence in clients.

Our forte is offering digitally integrated solutions for the Infrastructure, EC&O, Real Estate, Mining, Oil & Gas, Power, Smart Cities, Government, Manufacturing sectors, and a lot more. Our domain expertise combined with the ERP helps clients become intelligent enterprises and highly receptive to the needs of customers. With our strategic alliances, we help clients transform business operations, leverage data, and integrate sustainability to match the speed of change.

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