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The SAP DMS, which stands for “Document Management System,” is a tool used to store documents such as CAD designs, images of materials, and so on. Users will have an easier time viewing the papers within their SAP Systems thanks to the document management system that is being implemented.

The files could be kept on someone’s laptop, on a shared drive, or even concealed in the drawer of someone’s desktop computer. These are just some of the possible storage locations for the files. These documents are necessary to arrive at essential choices for the company. These must be quickly available, and we in no way anticipate that users would spend hours or even days looking for the correct information. SAP DMS is the software that plays a role in this. The most significant advantage of utilizing SAP DMS is that users can generate the most critical business documents for their organization and then save them in a central location from where any organization member can access them.

Users who opt to deploy SAP DMS can anticipate the following benefits for their companies as a result of doing so:

  • Documents are kept safely out of reach.
  • Quick and straightforward access to the documents
  • Superior search features that help reduce the amount of time spent looking for documents.
  • A supervised setting for the implementation of document revisions
  • Access regulation based on a complex set of security standards
  • Enhanced accessibility to the most important papers
  • One point of reference and one standard operating procedure for document management
  • Spending less time and effort on document management Capability of maintaining document history to conform to legal requirements



Planning is required before installing the SAP DMS so that you can determine how you want to go about doing it. You need to pay some consideration to things like the following:

  • The cumulative number of documents that will be archived every month.
  • The typical size of each document’s file.
  • The available storage space on your R/3 system at the moment.
  • Your currently available bandwidth on the network.
  • Strategy for the Archiving of Documents
  • Plan for Backup and Disaster Recovery

It is necessary to make additional hardware purchases, particularly if you need to store a substantial quantity of documents.

Keeping all of this in mind, you may choose the approach you wish to take to complete it.

Documents being given to a Material Master Record to be assigned

  • Use the Create or Change mode to access a material master record, then pick Basic Data from the drop-down menu.
  • To make links to documents, pick Additional data -> Document data.
  • The dialogue box labelled Link to Documents will appear.
  • The material should have one or more papers assigned to it.
  • You can search for the document number using the search help or by selecting the Find document option if you are unsure of the document number.

You have the following choices available to you when it comes to attaching a document to a material:

  • Select the file to be seen in the Link to Documents dialogue box so that it may be viewed.
  • Seeing any document originals by placing the cursor on the document and selecting Display originals from the Link to Documents dialogue box after moving the cursor to the document.
  • Select Continue to proceed to the next screen after the Basic Data screen.
  • Save your data.

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