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Bridging Gap Between Project Management and Change Management in IT Landscape

To keep up with the ever-changing, extremely dynamic market trends, many firms take to the upgradation or implementation of an SAP-ERP. Such practices can drastically improve the efficiency of your IT functions and make digitalization easier and more cost-effective presently and in the coming years. But such implementations are not easy. Not every employee working…

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How to Select the Most Effective Project Management Methodology for Your Project’s Success

Project-based businesses should have a plan for managing and finishing projects, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. When your team adheres to a precise project management methodology, they will be able to stay structured and coordinated to pursue their objectives. The approaches available to you are numerous, each with its pros and drawbacks to consider.…

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The Critical Significance of ERP in Project Manangement

The interconnectedness, complexity, and collaborative nature of the construction industry’s supply chains and workforce affect the cost and schedule of infrastructure projects. The Covid-19 crisis has got amplified, as the industry faces disruption from every possible angle. Demand is considerably less, supply chains have been disrupted and there are huge operational restrictions. Supply chain interruptions…

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