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Key user extensibility delivers powerful low-code and no-code functionality to manage customer-specific changes for your SAP S/4HANA solution. This is important when setting, adapting and extending your SAP S/4HANA solution. You are free to make these adjustments whenever needed, including during the implementation project, upgrade project, and any other time.

When you need to modify a user interface or a business process, you should consider key user extensibility as one of the potential solutions. When compared to other extensions, key user extensions have the following advantages:

  • Simple – no-code/low-code
  • Cost-effective – demand little cost/effort/skill
  • Upgrade-stable — These releases are automatically kept when you upgrade to newer ones.
  • Safe, as many of these adjustments may be rolled back or reset if required.

For instance, you can use key user extensibility to add, remove, or reorganize fields in many SAP Fiori apps. This is demonstrated in the following screenshot of the SAP Fiori app F1511A Create Maintenance Request. UI Adaptation mode adds, removes, or reorganizes fields on the user interface.

Where exactly can one locate the Key User Extensibility?

Key user extensibility is a technique centred on the cloud and used to make the most common modifications required to User Interfaces (UIs) and business processes. This cloud-centric way of thinking can easily be applied to on-premises systems. Access to essential user extendibility is granted when utilizing:

  • S/4HANA on the cloud, public edition from SAP
  • Private edition of SAP S/4HANA in the cloud
  • SAP S/4HANA on-premise
  • Launchpad Service Provided by SAP
  • For instance, the following essential user extensions are available in SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition, and on-premise:

They are generally produced directly in SAP Fiori apps, are built into numerous SAP Fiori apps in some circumstances, and can even update traditional UIs, such as GUI transactions, alongside related SAP Fiori apps. They are mostly made directly in SAP Fiori apps.

For instance, if you use the SAP Fiori app F1481 Custom Fields, you can simultaneously add your custom fields to GUI transactions and SAP Fiori apps. You can simultaneously alter APIs, business scenarios, report templates, email template formats, and form template formats, which can be utilized to improve various aspects of your company’s operations, including flexible workflow, output management, and scenario handling.

Even with your own personally created Fiori apps, you can use crucial user extensions. Take, for instance:

Providing that the method is implemented by your developer When you construct your custom applications using SAPUI5 Flexibility Services, your apps can provide the Adapt UI feature, which allows you to adjust the visibility of different fields and features.

Custom apps based on SAP Fiori components floorplans come equipped with both a Public View and a Role-Specific View by default.

Who are your most important users?

To put it another way, key users are any individuals you designate to be able to make modifications on behalf of other users.

In the launchpad, for instance, the Adapt UI capability is restricted to only being accessible by approved key users.

Whom you identify as your key users is a variable that can shift over time and vary depending on the type of key user extension you use.

How you govern crucial user extensions is up to your discretion. You can adjust your governance strategy over time as your team, and business users gain experience with Key User Extensions and become more familiar with their capabilities. Various forms of governance include the following:

  • During your project, you might identify your functional consultants as your key users so that they can make some initial tweaks while discussing business needs directly with your business stakeholders.
  • You might decide to organize some knowledge transfer sessions as part of the UAT and system handover process. After that, you could designate your subject matter experts as key users. This allows them to make any additional adjustments necessary when you move into your after-go-live hyper-care phase or for continuous changes after your solution runs as usual.
  • In certain companies, there is a central process governance group that has the potential to be identified as responsible for specific types of key user extensions or key user alterations.

For instance, you may desire your central process governance group to exercise control over adding custom fields. This will ensure that you do not wind up with many teams producing fields that are functionally equivalent to one another.

Key user functions are the most efficient way to expand your apps and the essential way to add custom fields; you might grant some key user capabilities to your IT staff or even to selected developers. This is because key user functions can extend your apps in various ways.

For instance, as you expand your expertise in intelligent technologies, your IT team may need to make some early settings for your pilot machine learning or scenario handling use cases. This may be something that you request of them.

Because the key user extensibility approach uses a no-code or low-code methodology, you can reduce the number of errors caused by lost in translation and the amount of communication overhead between the business and IT by making selected business users responsible for the changes themselves.

Keep in mind that your technical staff will always have control over who is allowed to make modifications and when and where those changes will be implemented in your system landscape. This control will always remain in place.

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