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The infrastructure industry lays the foundation of any economy. Therefore, the majority of the developed countries emphasize on infrastructure projects by finding ways to reduce time and bolster productivity through augmented technologies such as construction ERP solutions.

While the Indian government has initiated a host of infrastructure projects encompassing road, railway, and airports etc. the issue of poor planning and delaying deadlines are still a prime concern. Today, more than 1000 are not meeting the assigned deadlines. Industry experts point towards inefficient resources and flawed planning to be the fundamental reasons for the sluggish infrastructure development pace in the country.

In such a scenario, carefully devised customizable ERP software can help construction players to avoid cost and time overruns in big construction ventures. The ERP solution contributes to building a comprehensive plan followed by a seamless project design boosting the project cycle from start to
finish. Below mentioned points establish the crucial benefits that ERP brings to a construction project:

Converting crude data into valuable insights

Since there is a multicity of processes conducted at the same time; a construction enterprise needs a purposefully built solution to streamline the same. ERP offers a centralized work platform which amalgamates all solutions into a single channel. They can help achieve true transparency and reenact business efficiency.

Capitalizing ERP in the construction spectrum aids in dynamic analysis of financial and operational
information which delivers accurate real-time insights. With effective analysis, the administration can keep an eye on various processes in play, implement competent risk management, and weed out
inefficiency accordingly.

Functional Planning
Aforementioned before, insufficient planning plays a critical role in concluding the overall project quality which may deeply impact the company’s credibility in the market. Also, delay in meeting the project deadlines is an added loss to the construction player, a failsafe plan is imperative and ERP can further simplify the task.

ERP successfully predicts the raw material requirement, aids in effective utilization of people, and monitoring numerous functions by avoiding wastage and identifying roadblocks in the process.
Furthermore, ERP also offers financial solutions and resolve contractual complications.

Rationalise large quantities of Data
Since construction companies are delegated with multiple projects for different clients, the exchange of information becomes long, taxing, and prone to errors. The modern ERP solutions are capable of handling multiple endeavours and compute data for each project which used to take long by using the conventional approach.

Also, with multiple solutions making its way to the infrastructure industry, a seamless exchange of data across various departments becomes tricky. An ERP solution is an apt choice in that way.

Augmented System efficiency
An ERP platform helps employees to derive and link information from different source points to arrive at a holistic solution. For example, while deciding on the purchase order of a certain raw material, the project head refers to the budget report followed by a detailed insight into the construction design of the project. The purchase manager can then conclude a purchase order based on the design, budget, and the accounts team’s approval before the final purchase takes place.


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Written by — Mr. Anilkumar Jeur is Delivery Head- Strategic Business at Highbar Technocrat

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